Kollam Bharathi Temple

This is the abode of Sri Bharathi. This place is a locally famous pilgrim destination. It has an ancient Saraswathi temple worshipped with the name of Bharathi.

A small perennial stream forms a water body (kolanu) near the Bharathi temple. The word "Kolanu" (in Telugu) with usage over the years has become "Kollam". That is how the temple is known as "Kollam Bharathi".

In the same temple complex also has seven temples dedicated to Siva (Sapta Linga Kshetram). Siva Ratri is a major festival here.

It also has KaalaBhyrava statue who is the protector (Kashetra Paalaka) of the Kshetra.

This temple is nestled in the hills of Nallamala forest.

This temple is around 20 Kms from Atmakuru. The nearest village is Sivapuram about 4 Kms away.