The legend says that Nandikotkur is surrounded by Nine(9) Nandi statues (Bulls) and hence this place was earlier called NavaNandikotkur and now this is called Nandikotkur. Nandikotkur is a Municipality in Kurnool Dist , Ap. located 27 km from Kurnool. It serves as a major transit point connecting important cities like Kurnool and Guntur. The route to Srisailam from Kurnool also traverses through Nandikotkur. Nandikotkur basically a very famous town for rice business in INDIA. The rice brand "Sona Masuri" will grows here which is very tasty and soft. "Ground Nut"(Peanut) is also one of the  famous businesses  in Nandikotkur and many  like "Toor Dal", "Chana Dal", "Yello Split Peas", "Maiz", "Jowar" are also famous crop businesses. Stone slabs which are also available in large quantities in our surroundings .

As per the history , in 11 century A.D  Nandikotkur was  under the rule of Pachima Chalikya .After that Nanda Kings (Nandulu) rule this area and some of the places Navanandikotkur , Nandavaram , Mahanandi , Nandyala . In 323 AD Chandra Guptha Mourya and Bindusarudu ( Son of Chandra guptha )ruled this area . After that this place is Known as Suvarnagiri ( as per the sasanas available in Pathikonda ( jonna giri ). After that , Sathavahana Kings ruled this area SHATANAKOTA Village is the proof of Sathavahana King’s rule .

After that Pallavulu , Pachima chalikyulu , Telugu cholulu , Pachima Chalikyulu , Rastra Kutulu ( 743 Ad - 973 AD ) , Kalyani chalikyulu ( 973 AD ) ,Velunati Cholulu ( 12 th Centure ) , Yadavulu , Kakateyulu  , Reddy Rajulu , Vijayanagara Rajulu  ruled this area. In 1800 Kurnool dist was under the rule of British government  till 1807. Thomas Manro was  the collector for this district.

                    The Origin of Nandikotkur Village
Before 13th Century A.D., the present Village Nandikotkur was covered with dense forest. The kakatiya emperor prathaparudra on his way to Srisailam used to   halt in this place to take rest. On the Derive of the emperor prathaparudra, the commander in chief sirisingadhu  develop this village on the tradition of shiva religious the present kota Street, the ancient temples of Siva, Veerabhadra and Surya Narayana, the forts and the stone Erik’s stand as a witness. The nine Nandi Statues around this village named   this village as “Nava Nandikotkur”. This Navanandikotkur as years passed become Nandikotkur.
Nandikotkur History
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